How To Look After Jewellery I Umilele Jewels Care Guide

So you’ve done it :) You’ve treated yourself to a gorgeous piece from one of our Umilele Jewels collections. If not, then feel free to have a browse at our various womens jewellery, mens jewellery and african jewellery collections here ;) 

If you’re like most, you want your jewellery to look as good as it does on day one, and maintain its brilliance and shine for years to come. I mean how else is a fashion icon like you going to effortlessly accessorise all your outfits and hairstyles? 

When buying gold plated jewellery, silver jewellery and stainless steel jewellery, tarnish free is the way to be. Lucky for you, we’re here to help. To keep your Umilele Jewels pieces shining bright like a diamond, we’ve prepared a quick jewellery care guide and have shared our top tips on how to look after jewellery like a pro. So read on for what to do and avoid when rocking our stunning pieces.

Umilele Jewels 4-step jewellery care guide  

  • Jewellery storage: Make sure you store your Umilele Jewels pieces individually, so they are less likely to get scratched, damaged or interfere with other jewellery pieces. Also be sure to keep your jewellery out of any direct sunlight, excessive heat or damp conditions. Investing in a nice jewellery box or stand that is kept away from any large windows is a great idea. 
  • Wearing your jewellery: We know as soon as your jewellery arrives you won’t want to take it off. And we don’t blame you! We do recommend however that you always take your jewellery off if you're going to be involved in any activity which could scratch or damage it. So if you’re going for a run, the safest bet is to “drip” only in sweat form :) If you’re ever in any doubt, it’s best to take it off and keep it in a safe place.
  • Jewellery cleaning: Occasionally cleaning your jewellery is recommended. When doing so, use a dry cloth to maintain shine and slow down oxidation. Lucky for you, we always include a cleaning cloth in any packages we send out. So please do use it. And last but not least, always avoid harsh chemicals like soap and make sure you remove all your jewellery pieces when coming into contact with water e.g. taking a bath or shower to avoid tarnishing. 
  • Things to keep away from your jewellery: We’re all about the glow up and looking your best. But when you’re planning to wear your jewellery, it's important to be aware that it is vulnerable to damage from chemicals in products like hairspray, perfume, makeup, body oils, sun tan lotion & deodorant. With that in mind, just be careful when applying any of the above to areas where your Umilele Jewels will sit e.g. your chest, fingers, wrist and ears. 


How to look after gold plated jewellery 

We know that most of our best sellers (like the Umilele Africa Pendant Necklace) are crafted to make them as standout as possible and we’re often asked how to look after gold plated jewellery. Our instructions won’t differ from the above care guide, but it's worth sharing how our gold plated pieces are made. Gold plating is the process of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface base metal such as brass or stainless steel. So when looking after your gold plated jewellery pieces, be sure to take extra special care when storing, cleaning and wearing them to ensure they maintain that royal glow!

How to look after brass jewellery 

We know that some skin is more sensitive and prone to reaction. Particularly with our brass plated jewellery pieces. Brass plating is when a thin layer of brass is coated over the surface of another metal such as steel or zinc, which means it naturally tarnishes over time and is not a manufacturing fault. Brass is not hypoallergenic, so people with sensitive skin should refrain from wearing brass and opt for our stainless steel or sterling silver jewellery. We’d hate to hear you had a negative reaction to any of our pieces so please be sure to always read the jewellery description and note the materials before purchasing. 

How to look after sterling silver jewellery 

Our mens jewellery collection features a number of sterling silver jewellery pieces. Sterling silver is an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. Fine silver by itself is too soft to make most jewellery, so copper is added to make it more durable. Sterling silver can be sensitive to tarnishing so be sure to follow all four of our jewellery care tips above.

How to look after stainless steel jewellery 

Stainless steel is a highly durable metal, which makes it the easiest of all our jewellery materials to look after. It is also hypoallergenic, meaning it's safe for sensitive skin, is resistant to rust, discolouration and oxidisation. You want to know the really great news? This metal is also water-resistant and is therefore our choice of material for the majority of pieces we sell. You can enjoy these pieces a whole lot more without worrying about it losing its sparkle over time :)

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